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Original Compositions...

Everywhere I go, folks ask me about my songwriting, so I finally decided to post some of my original compositions; stuff I recorded with my band The Heddy Brothers back in 2010 (or thereabouts), and stuff I recorded, or re-recorded solo-acoustic.  I've also added a bit of context for each tune. Send me an email, let me know what you think...JH

Song 1 - The Heddy Brothers

Composed in 2009, this is the first song I ever sat down and wrote, start to finish. Recorded at the Warming Room Studio with The Heddy Borhters.

Churchbell Blues - The Heddy Brothers

Another one from the Warming Room with Chris Dogias on lead guitar. Reflective, two-step, country-rock tune.

Churchbell Blues Acoustic Version - by John Hill

Here's the solo-acoustic version...this was the second or maybe third song I wrote for the Songs About Life EP.  Re-recorded in 2018.

Nina's Song - by John Hill

I got in touch with an old friend I've known since the 5th grade.  She asked me to write her a song...this one's for you Nina, wherever you are.

Finger for the Moon - by John Hill

"Don't mistake the Finger for the Moon" is from a Zen Koan which for me is a reminder: rejoice in the truth, not the teacher.

Keeping the Dogs at Bay - by John Hill

At some point I'll dig up The Heddy Brothers version of this tune which in my opinion is one of our most-rockin''s the solo-acoustic version.

You Are What You're Trying to Find - by John Hill

...or to put it another way, What's looking is what you're looking for. Another in my catalog of songs about spiritual awakening.

Dance with Me - The Heddy Brothers

Always a favorite at The Heddy Bothers shows.  A fun song, intent on getting the crowd moving.

The Last Fighting Tommy - The Heddy Brothers

Conceived as a anti-war folk song.  In WW I British Soldiers were known as "Fighting Tommy's".  Harry Patch was the last one, he died a pacifist in 2009.

Freeborn John - The Heddy Brothers

A Punk Rock tune.  "Freeborn" John Lilburne was jailed in 1639 without due process, his imprisonment began the struggle for Miranda Rights.

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Do It For Yourself - The Heddy Brothers
Take Me With You - The Heddy Brothers

An autobiographical tale of unrequited  love; some of the lyrics were inspired by Peter Townshend and Abraham Lincoln. 

This one's a pop song based on a real conversation I had with a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.  She took me with her but then she kicked me out.  

Funks Live Heddy Shot.jpg
It Doesn't Matter to the Universe - by John Hill
The Clingy Type - The Heddy Brothers

I went back to the Warming Room Studio after the Heddy Brothers broke apart and cut this nihilistic punk-folk tune. 

Blues tune based on a conversation I overheard at the Lark Tavern sometime in 2009.

Heddy Bros Black Dog Session November 20
Misspent Youth - by John Hill

One of my personal favorites.  I think this folk song was recorded in 2010

at Black Dog Studio with Chris Dogias.

Heddy Bros Black Dog Session November 20
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