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John Plays Live

Here is a guitar from Nazareth.  Here is a harmonica sad, sweet.  An authentic voice sings with conviction.  Train cars, prison bars.  Sunday mornings and mortal warnings.  Mountain music.  Songs of the sea.  Hymns, ballads, waltzes.  This is a journey through the American Songbook. 


John Hill is a singer, songwriter, musician and entertainer based in Albany NY.  A full-time working performance artist, John Plays Live over 300 dates a year throughout New York, Vermont and Massachusetts. 


Live appearances feature soulful renditions of country classics by legends like Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson; Inspiring folk music popularized by revivalists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and the Grateful Dead; and Bluegrass, Gospel, Standards, Rock, Blues and more!

See John Play Live!

Check out John Plays Live Videos on YouTube

"You have a great personal style in your performing.  

I really appreciated that you gave so much of yourself to your audience."  

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